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Where President Trump’s Reelection Stands Today and How You Can Help

Almost two weeks after the legal ballots were cast in the 2020 election, it’s nice to see that President Trump is not giving up the fight – and neither are his supporters. The mainstream media’s disinformation and demoralization campaign isn’t working. We’ve burned our proverbial boats, stiffened our spines, uplifted our chins and set out with good work that we plan to finish.

A lot of people are asking what they personally can do to help President Trump right now. Keep reading because I have a suggestion – but first, here’s a recap of what the election really looks like right now.

When you count up the electoral votes of uncontested states in the race, Trump leads with 232 votes to Joe Biden’s 220. That’s after North Carolina and Alaska’s totals were added to Trump’s tally two days ago. Trump’s margin of victory in North Carolina was wide enough that there won’t be a recount there.

In contested states, there are still a total of 80 outstanding electoral votes up for grabs. Trump has more paths to victory than Joe Biden does.

Here’s what’s happening in the up-for-grabs states:

Arizona – Athabaskan villages in remote parts of the Alaskan Bush loaded their ballots on barges and floated them down the Yukon River to hub cities to be counted… and their state still finished faster than Arizona. Biden’s razor-thin margin continues to shrink on a daily basis. Still too close to call, with 11 votes up for grabs. Probably headed for a recount.

Georgia – Upcoming hand recount and full audit. 16 electoral votes outstanding.

Michigan – Multiple outstanding lawsuits are under way from the Trump campaign and Republican groups. The Michigan legislature has subpoenaed election officials to testify in an emergency session. 10 electoral votes outstanding.


Nebraska – Nebraska has a single lonely electoral vote that is still up for grabs in District 2. It’s under investigation for possible fraud.

Nevada – Wealthy Californians from Sacramento and the Bay Area have second homes near Lake Tahoe. Wealthy Californians from LA have second homes in Vegas. Oddly, thousands of them decided to vote for Joe Biden in both California and Nevada. When those thousands of votes, plus the dead voters, plus all the other illegal ballots are tossed, Nevada’s 6 electoral votes are in the mix.

Pennsylvania – This is the biggest Schiff show in the entire mix. Multiple lawsuits, an audit and possible hand recount, and a Supreme Court order raise the very real possibility that Trump will carry the state. 20 electoral votes.

Wisconsin – A recount has been scheduled as well as a statewide canvas, since so many districts had more votes than registered voters. 10 electoral votes.

Trump needs to win 38 of those and Biden needs to win 44. But please blather to us some more about “president-elect” Joe Biden, mainstream media!

This doesn’t even take into account the fact that Dominion Voting Systems, which was used in a couple of dozen states and which employs Nancy Pelosi’s former Chief of Staff as a lobbyist, is about to get sued, audited and analyzed to the point where an IRS audit would feel like a fun alternative. One America News is reporting that after an analysis of DVS’ election night shenanigans, it looks like 2.7 million Trump votes were either erased or switched to Joe Biden. There’s a pending legal bloodbath coming up for that company.

The courts can absolutely block the certification of a state’s results if the Trump campaign successfully proves that fraud took place. And in that situation, the Constitution requires that the state legislature steps in and seats electors. Six of the seven contested states have Republican-majority state legislatures. Nevada’s state legislature is under Democrat control, but it only has six votes up for grabs.

Everything is trending in President Trump’s direction.

Now, how can you help? Here’s a suggestion of one thing you can do right now to go the extra mile for President Trump in this election.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, check out #MaidenGate which some outlets are starting to report on. A young lady got married a few years ago and moved to a different state. You can find her story easily on YouTube (Warning: She does need to have her mouth washed out with soap.). With all the obvious fraud going on in 2020, she decided to check the status of her voter registration in her old state. Sure enough, a ballot was cast under her maiden name. Thousands of people who have moved to new states in recent years are now discovering that they, too, cast ballots in the states they moved out of.

Every state makes it pretty easy to check the status of whether you voted, using your name and social security number. Let’s face it, anytime someone goes through the stress of moving to a new state, the last thing on their checklist is probably calling the state government to notify some bureaucrat that they’re moving.

This weakness in the voter rolls was yet another way that Democrats exploited a loophole to cast fraudulent ballots. It’s easy to check, so if you’ve moved or had a name change – check to see whether you somehow cast a ballot in the state you moved away from. Then report it.

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