Friday, November 27, 2020
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Biden Tells Cops “Shoot Them in the Leg”

Joe Biden is the most impressive human being on the planet. Who else could have followed Hillary Clinton’s disastrous 2016 presidential campaign while managing to be worse in every single way? His campaign has supported violent riots, socialized medicine, and domestic terrorists. He was on the payroll of every adversarial government in the world while vice president. Now, he’s rolling out his policy for reforming the police. And in typical Biden fashion, it’s a disastrous plan.

Rather than improve equipment and training and provide law enforcement with resources for success, he has a simpler approach. According to Biden, our country’s policing problems will disappear if we simply tell the cops to shoot people in the legs.

Biden’s statement is packed with so much ignorance it defies comprehension. The idea of shooting perpetrators in the legs is simultaneously more dangerous for the police, the suspects and innocent bystanders. Here are the three overwhelmingly obvious problems with “shoot them in the leg.”


The first issue is that moving legs are one of the hardest targets you could ever try to hit. Anyone who has ever fired a weapon at moving targets can attest to this. When a person runs, their center of mass stays fairly steady. The legs move wildly and quickly. If your default is to shoot at the legs, you’ll miss a lot more. That leads to strays and ricochets that endanger every single person in the vicinity.

The second problem is that shooting a person in the legs is an unreliable way to stop them. Even assuming you do land a hit — which is a huge assumption — leg wounds do not stop people from using weapons. A gunman can continue to shoot at police or innocent bystanders after taking a bullet to the leg — even if it ends up being a fatal wound. A knife attacker mid-lunge will maintain their momentum even if they take that shot to the leg. The stopping power of leg shots is low. Violent criminals are more dangerous with Biden’s plan.

The third issue is actually the worst. Biden is recommending that police shoot for the legs in place of using chokeholds. While they may sound bad in name, chokeholds are less dangerous than bullets. Any bullet to the upper half of the leg is going to be exceedingly dangerous. That’s to say nothing of the fact that not all shots go where intended. Shooting accuracy plummets in high stress situations in which someone is running away form or attacking a police officer. Biden’s recommendation is to skip non-lethal measures and go straight to the gun. The death toll will climb dramatically under his idiotic plan.

Biden’s persistent anti-cop rhetoric throws the police under the bus, and this is the larger issue. Like the rest of his radical left base, he is championing dangerous turn in America. Criminals would quickly be emboldened if Biden gets his “shoot ‘em in the leg” wish, and violence would go up. We’ve seen plenty of that since the summer started. It’s become crystal clear what happens when cities reduce police presence and enforcement (looking at you Minneapolis).

CHAZ was the murder and rape capital of the entire world, and it only existed for a few weeks. That’s to say nothing of theft and property damage. The whole country will look like a leftist occupied zone in Biden’s America. Is that where you want to live?

There are two measures you can take to try to save us all from such a terrible fate. The first is to vote. The second is to continue exercising your 2nd Amendment rights, just in case.

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