Monday, November 30, 2020
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Are Boneheaded Democrats Going to Hand California to Trump?

The non-elite “elites” running the Democrat Party seem to be intent on handing Donald Trump a Nixonian landslide this November. It’s pretty stunning. I have yet to see a single Joe Biden/Kamala Harris yard sign or billboard in southern California this year – and it’s September! Meanwhile, the Democrat Party continues to demonstrate its total commitment to alienating normal people and ticking them off. Is a Trump electoral victory in California even possible? I think anything could happen this year.

Four years ago, you had to drive out to the boonies in California to see a Trump yard sign anywhere. Displaying a Trump yard sign was a good way to get punched in the face back then. In 2020? Trump signs are everywhere. There are Trump billboards in Hollywood and Los Angeles.

I saw a pro-Trump veteran in a wheelchair the other day as I was headed to the grocery store. No one was hassling him or bothering him as he sat on a busy southern California street corner. Cars were honking and drivers were triumphantly raising their fists in the air to salute him. How do I know he was a Trump supporter? Just a hunch. Oh, plus the fact that he was wearing a MAGA hat and had a 20’ flagpole attached to his wheelchair that was flying not one, not two, not three, but FOUR giant pro-Trump/Pence flags.

Electronic “Use Caution” road signs are being hacked to read “Trump 2020.” There’s not an ounce of energy or excitement anywhere for Joe Biden or the Democrat Party that I’ve seen… anywhere.


Meanwhile, the Democrats exercising their hegemonic control over California are doing everything they can to infuriate their own voters (and people like me who wouldn’t vote for them with a gun to our heads). House Speaker and salon afficionado Nancy Pelosi did more damage to her party last week with her antics than any piece of legislation ever could.

Salons, hair stylists and many other businesses are still shut down here. I’ve had to go “full Viking biker from hell” this year because I can’t talk my wife into giving me a haircut. But Nancy Pelosi’s hair is looking fabulous thanks to the Democrat Party’s “Do as I say, not as I do” standard.

In a truly classy move, Pelosi blamed the salon for “setting her up.” How was she supposed to know that salons in her home district, and in a state which her nephew mismanages as the Governor, were closed for commoners?

And now the government leaders in Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco district have stepped in it even further. Gyms have been shut down since mid-March in San Francisco, because the Party of Science doesn’t want people to get some exercise or be healthy during a pandemic. Oh, but as it turns out, all of the gyms for San Francisco government employees have secretly been open for months.

Talk about chutzpah!

The Hall of Justice gym for city employees has been open since July 1. Gyms for police officers, city judges, city lawyers, city clerks, city paper-pushers and other city workers have all been open this whole time. Meanwhile, private-sector gym owners have been watching their hopes, dreams and livelihood DIE because it’s supposedly unsafe to have gyms open.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to pen this missive for you before my daily 6-hour California power shutoff occurs this afternoon. The genius Democrats running the state of California once again failed to predict that it would get hot in the summertime. Oh, but at least as families are sweating it out in the dark for six hours, the inside of everyone’s home smells like a campfire because all of the illegal aliens that have flooded sovereign US territory can’t seem to restrain themselves from setting off fireworks in our mismanaged, dry-as-a-bone national forests.

Do you think the power is going to go out for six hours today at Nancy Pelosi’s palatial vineyard in Napa Valley? Or at the Governor’s Mansion where her nephew lives and is probably enjoying some caviar and Wagyu beef right now? Not a chance.

People are seeing all of this and they are infuriated with the Democrats this year. I haven’t met a single person this year who is willing to admit that they’re voting for Joe Biden. But I’ve met a hell of a lot of lifelong Democrats in California who are now quietly telling me that they plan to vote for Donald Trump this November. Anything could happen this year.

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