Friday, November 27, 2020
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Trump Wages One-Man War Against China Since Congress is Worthless

What’s going to happen if China moves beyond espionage in its Cold War 2.0 against America and starts dropping real bombs? Would Nancy Pelosi and Jerald Nadler tell us the fires, destroyed infrastructure and deaths were a “myth?” Not that most Republicans in Congress would be much better in that situation. When it comes to China, most of Congress seems to be either in bed with the enemy or at least hopelessly compromised. Right now, President Donald Trump’s executive order pen is the only thing standing between the American people and being dominated by the Chi-Coms.

Everything that China does these days appears to be geared toward crushing the USA under its heel. The terabytes of data that China is stealing from America – every single day – is terrifying to think about when you understand the way that government-owned Chinese technology firms (with the help of Silicon Valley) have advanced in artificial intelligence. They not only steal tons of data from us; thanks to AI they can instantly parse, catalog, interpret and act on the data almost immediately, while discarding anything unnecessary.

President Trump just signed an executive order to ban two Chinese-owned smartphone apps, starting in September: TikTok and WeChat. Since everyone in Congress seems to think that TikTok is a cutesie little app for kids to make and post videos online, here’s what that really means.

TikTok is owned by a Chinese parent company called ByteDance. The board of directors at ByteDance includes a person named Fuping Zhang, who serves as the Communist Party Committee Secretary of ByteDance. Nothing happens at ByteDance – or TikTok – without the say-so of the same monsters in Beijing who are running the largest concentration camps of the 21st century.

ByteDance also runs an AI lab and has developed an AI program called Xiaomingbot. During the 2016 Olympics, the Communist Chinese-owned company showed off the capabilities of Xiaomingbot. It was able to watch events at the Olympics on multiple camera feeds, analyze what it was watching, write a news story about the event, and publish that story on the internet – 2 seconds after each event had concluded.


Here’s what happens when one of your children or grandchildren downloads TikTok on a smartphone.

First, the app asks for “permissions” to look at a few things on the phone or tablet, such as passwords and contacts. Pretty boilerplate stuff. But then what TikTok actually does is Hoover up everything on your home network like it’s Hunter Biden on a bender in a homeless camp.

TikTok steals all of your passwords. It you’ve ever made purchases online, it sucks up your credit or debit card information. It jumps to every device attached to your home network. It steals your Microsoft pin for your computer, all of your files, any proprietary business stuff on your computers and every single bit of data that is connected to your home network. All of that data gets whisked away to Singapore, where ByteDance has rented servers to store the megawatts of data that it’s stealing from other countries.

The AI sorts and parses all the data in just a few moments, to determine what’s useful to the Communist Party Committee in Beijing and what’s not.

Now imagine that you’re the head of the science department at an American university, or a Member of Congress. One of your kids or a dopey intern that you barely know downloads TikTok on their phone, which is connected to your network. And then you carry your phone in your pocket as you sneak off to pay your mistress a visit.

This is happening non-stop, by the way, to Members of Congress, professors, business tycoons and others in America – and then TikTok or WeChat or any other zippy app that is controlled by the CCP sends a message to the party bosses to come and blackmail another American. It’s why Congress has not done anything to address the rampant data theft being carried out by the Chi-Coms. China owns many of them.

President Trump is the only one looking out for Americans in this Cold War 2.0. His executive order will shut down two of the most egregious spying apps in the entire world next month. What’s Congress doing about all of this? A whole lot of nothin’. And now you probably know why.

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