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The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Trump’s Record on the Border

admin January 16, 2020 News Comments Off on The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Trump’s Record on the Border

There is a zero percent chance that I will walk into a voting booth this November and vote for anyone other than Donald Trump. Putin’s mind control rays just have too powerful a grip on me!

That being said, it’s 2020 and we are now into President Trump’s fourth year in office. So, it’s fair to take a look at Trump’s record on the border and assess how things are going.

This isn’t to bash Trump in any way. His job on the economy has permanently secured his place as one of America’s greatest presidents. But let’s face it. Our unsecured southern border is a major reason why most of us voted for him. Here we go. The good, the bad and the ugly of Trump’s record on the border.

The Good: Border crossings have plummeted 78% since January of 2019. That’s pretty good. The Border Patrol has gone from apprehending 4,000 illegals a day to less than 1,000 in 2020. There’s no single policy that the drop can be attributed to, but rather a range of policies working in direct concert with each other.

Most of the positive changes have happened since Trump brought Mark Morgan back to run the Border Patrol in July of 2019. It’s too bad that Morgan wasn’t there from the beginning.

“Remain in Mexico” is a smashing success. It’s a huge disincentive to illegals to come all the way here and then be sent back to Mexico to wait – possibly for years – for their cases to be processed. Heh!

That’s like thinking you’ve won a trip to Disneyland and then your free plane ride lands in… well… Mexico. Trump has secured a similar agreement with Guatemala.

Attorney General Bill Barr has replaced the judges hearing asylum cases with judges who actually understand the legal definition of the word “refugee.” That’s caused asylum approvals to drop to less than 1%, which means most of the illegals are simply not getting in through the system of loopholes that Barack Obama put in place.

The Border Patrol had 20,000 illegals in custody last May, but only 4,000 beds for captured illegals. Today more than 1,000 of those beds are unused, because there are so few illegals trying to get here. Again, another positive change that’s happened only since Mark Morgan came on board.

Plus, Obama’s DACA “Dreamers” are being moved back into deportation proceedings, since Congress hasn’t wanted to do anything about them despite Trump giving them every opportunity.

The Bad: Where the #%*& is my anchor baby executive order? That would take five minutes. Why is chain migration still happening as well? Come on, Trump.

Plus, what’s the real story on the wall? Administration flunkies keep telling us they’re putting up around a mile of “new” wall per day and there are about 100 miles of new wall, with 400 miles expected by the end of 2020. Conservative critics say it’s only about 2.5 miles of new wall, with a lot of replacement wall. I suspect the real number of miles of new wall is somewhere between those two figures.

Trump is a master communicator, so why can’t we get a straight answer on this question? Why the conflicting numbers?

The Ugly: The “ugly” remains the huge numbers of Americans who are brutally victimized by illegal aliens who shouldn’t even be here. The stories are horrific and disheartening.

In Bill De Blasio’s New York City, an illegal alien from Guyana was arrested in November for assaulting his illegal alien father. Under De Blasio’s new “no cash bail” policy, the illegal was immediately released. To celebrate the new year, he raped and murdered a 92-year-old woman.

An illegal alien church bus driver in Maryland was arrested for molesting a 13-year-old girl who was on his bus route. A previously deported rapist from Honduras was arrested for the third time in Utah. An illegal alien Muslim imam from Somalia was arrested in Houston for molesting multiple children. Another previously deported illegal alien rapist was arrested in Brownsville, Texas. An illegal alien from Egypt raped a female passenger – he was driving for Uber. And three illegal aliens from three different countries were arrested in three different counties in South Carolina for raping children.

Those are just a handful of the criminal aliens that have been arrested in 2020. As far as “the ugly” goes, the new year is off to a terrible start.

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