Friday, November 27, 2020
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Mentally Prepare Yourself Now for a 2020 Election Do-Over

If the 2020 election was truly a fair-and-square, clean-as-a-whistle contest, why are audits and hand recounts in swing states suddenly the greatest fear of the Democrat Party and its media apparatchiks? Recounts and audits shouldn’t be the least bit threatening [...]

November 12, 2020 News

What Swing Voters Are Saying About Trump and Joe Biden

Election watchers always pay attention to swing voters in years like this, because they can make a difference in the outcome in November. It’s hard to predict how these indecisive people who don’t pay that much attention to politics are [...]

August 20, 2020 News

Trump Vows No Second Shutdown as Lib Governors Break All the Rules

The medical experts who have been wrong about basically everything for the past three months are now telling us that we could be hit by a “second wave” this fall. President Trump has announced some good news, however. There will [...]

May 22, 2020 News

Have Tyrannical Governors Cemented Donald Trump’s Reelection?

“Bands of howling white supremacists, brandishing fully automatic AR-44 clip magazines, attacked the State Capitol buildings in six states. Fortunately, no injuries were reported. But the fact that none of the protesters were wearing masks means that all of the [...]

April 17, 2020 News