Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Trump Left the Democrat Party Much Weaker Than Anyone Realizes

America’s real president – Donald John Trump – left the Democrat Party in shambles. They are in much, much worse shape than any of us probably expected. This wasn’t obvious at first after Joe Biden was sworn in, because the [...]

February 25, 2021 News

After Impeachment Fails, Democrats Throw Kitchen Sink at Donald Trump

Out of the roughly 750 Democrats who ran for president in 2020, John Delaney was the very first one to declare his candidacy. That was a full 1,100 days before the election. Given that presidential elections keep starting earlier and [...]

February 19, 2021 News

If You Think Joe Biden’s Unfit, Check Out the Democrats’ Impeachment Trial!

Well, I did it. I hadn’t planned on watching any of the Democrats’ second impeachment farce against Donald Trump. The trial sounds about as intellectually insulting as a Jeep Super Bowl commercial, just with slightly better music. At least the [...]

February 11, 2021 News

Notorious MTG Fallout: Democrats are Going to Regret Upsetting 200+ Years of Precedent

We just went through a pretty hilarious weekend, when all of the Democrat political strategists across the country just realized the incredible blunder that the Democrat Party made. By following George Soros’ marching orders and upsetting 200+ years of precedent [...]

February 9, 2021 News

Another Amazing Trump Record: Most Fake Impeachments Ever

With 2020 firmly in our rearview mirror, I find it odd that there are two classes of prominent 2020 people that I have never met. Those who know me know that I’m not a hermit by any stretch of the [...]

January 14, 2021 News

Have You Ever Seen the DC Swamp This Panicked Before?

The DC Swamp was never this panicked and afraid after the 9/11 attacks. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the congress-critters this scared in my lifetime. They don’t fear “we the people.” They hold us in contempt, obviously. But they [...]

January 12, 2021 News

Democrats Throw Joe Biden Under the Bus

If you think that Fox News threw its viewers under the bus swiftly, check out the speed with which the Democrats are throwing Joe Biden to the wolves. Now that’s fast! For the one-millionth time, I believe down to my [...]

December 18, 2020 News

Democrats Not Sending Their Best to Argue Most Important Case in History

Texas v. PA, WI, MI, GA is the most important Supreme Court Case that America has seen in our nation’s recent history. On the surface, the high court will be deciding whether the four defendant states violated the Constitution by [...]

December 11, 2020 News

Stimulus Villain Nancy Pelosi Finally Admits It Was Her All Along

At long last, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has openly admitted that she was the one holding up a coronavirus relief package for the American people since last summer. There’s been a lot of finger-pointing by both sides all along [...]

December 4, 2020 News

President Trump Unquestionably Won Reelection

The establishment elites have a request for President Donald J. Trump: They would really love if Trump would be a good little Republican gimp and just curl up in a fetal position after conceding an election he obviously won. It’s [...]

November 5, 2020 News