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Supreme Court Dares America to Reelect Donald Trump

admin June 19, 2020 News Comments Off on Supreme Court Dares America to Reelect Donald Trump

If you’re even vaguely right-of-center politically and still don’t believe that we need to deliver President Donald John Trump a second victory in November, the Supreme Court decisions issued this past week might change your mind. In addition to changing the legal and biological definition of “sex” and “gender” (just like John Adams intended!), the Supreme Court has undermined the Second Amendment, while affirming the “right” of sanctuary cities to exist. And then to cap the week off, they stabbed Donald Trump in the back by declaring that he has no legal authority to end Obama’s executive order amnesty for the fake “Dreamers.”

Aside from the National Education Association, it’s difficult to find a more fraudulent institution in American history than Obama’s “Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals,” or DACA, which the Supreme Court just legitimized. After spending years publicly stating that he is not a king and he simply could not declare amnesty by fiat for the illegal alien children who were dragged to this country by their parents, Obama declared amnesty by fiat for illegal alien children who were dragged to this country by their parents. This was a 2012 election gift, so that illegal aliens would be willing to commit voter fraud to send him to the White House a second time.

About 700,000 illegal aliens are still in the program. Trump has tried to rescind their “protected” status after all these years, which would immediately free up 700,000 jobs for Americans at a time when 40 million Americans have been thrown out of work by the coronavirus shutdowns. Trump even went so far as to offer the Democrats an opportunity to help come up with a bipartisan solution. While stabbing America in the back once again, John Roberts argued that Trump “did not consider possible hardships” that his removal of protected status would cause to these illegal aliens.


Aside from one little fact that the Supreme Court ignored – that presidents cannot invent new immigration laws out of thin air – there are some other things the American people might not realize about DACA.

For example, when Obama announced the creation of this unconstitutional program out of thin air, illegal aliens from 149 countries flooded INS offices across the country to sign up. The Obama administration didn’t vet any of these people to see whether they were telling the truth. Illegals in their 30s were allowed to sign up and so long as they were willing to perjure themselves by saying their parents brought them here in the 1980s, the INS let them stay and gave them work permits!

Many of the “amazing kids” from Obama’s “Dreamers” are now in their 40s. Some are pushing 50. The former head of the fraud division at the INS told Breitbart News that “at least half” of all approved DACA applicants were frauds. But no one at INS thought it was the least bit odd that grown men in their 30s who could not speak English were claiming that they were brought into the country by their parents when Ronald Reagan was in office. They had supposedly been in the country for two to three decades, but still couldn’t distinguish between the “Yes” box and the “No” box on the DACA forms, and needed taxpayer-provided translators to help them make it through their INS interviews.

The Supreme Court is telling us the same garbage we’ve been hearing from the liberal media and the Democrats all these years: It would just be too much of a hardship to send these DACA recipients back to their home countries.

Imagine spending three decades in America and then being sent back to your hellish home country of… (checking official DACA country-of-origin statistics)… Australia!

Can we send any of these illegal aliens home? How about the 750 illegals from Canada who signed up for DACA? Would it really be a hardship for them to go back? It’s not like they’d even have to learn a different language. Thousands of illegal aliens from China, South Korea, the Middle East, Poland, and nearly every country in Africa signed up for Obama’s illegal work permit giveaway. And we can’t send any of them home?

Not according to the Supreme Court. And not only that, but the “two sets of rules” principal that allows Hillary Clinton to continue walking around breathing free air now also applies to executive orders. When Trump signs an executive order, Democrats sniff that President Stacey Abrams will be to overturn it with the simple stroke of a pen. But Obama’s executive orders are the sacrosanct “Law of the Land.”

So much for that 5-4 “majority” on the Supreme Court. Trump needs at least one and probably two more Supreme Court appointees before America will be safe from these activists. The writing is on the wall if we don’t send him back for a second term.

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