Sunday, November 29, 2020
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President Trump Unquestionably Won Reelection

The establishment elites have a request for President Donald J. Trump: They would really love if Trump would be a good little Republican gimp and just curl up in a fetal position after conceding an election he obviously won. It’s ungentlemanly of him to not just give up. Why can’t he be more like Jeb! or Mitt Romney?

You and I are being asked the same thing. They’re telling us to look at something that is evil, ugly and a lie, (Tuesday night’s election result) and to pretend that it is something Good, Beautiful and True. Trump is refusing those marching orders, and all of his supporters should as well.

Trump was expecting mass-scale fraud on election night, as most of us were. We just didn’t understand the scope and scale and brazenness with which it would occur. We got so used to thinking that Dementia Joe is just blurting out insane stuff because his brain is shot that we dismissed one of his moments of accidental truth:

Looks like Dementia Joe was actually telling the truth in that video, despite his handlers trying to keep that on the downlow.

First, the election vote totals as they stand today in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Wisconsin, Georgia and Michigan are all invalid. Both political parties are allowed – by law – to have poll watchers and ballot count watchers in election areas to watch the action. These are almost always attorneys who know the ins and outs of ballot laws like the backs of their hands. In all of the above states, Trump campaign counting observers have been kicked out of, or prohibited from entering, the counting areas.

From a logical and ethical standpoint, this should invalidate the results in those states. Trump’s election victory on Tuesday night, when he was leading by wide margins in nearly all of those states except Nevada, should stand “as is.” From a legal standpoint, it’s not quite as clear.

If police or prosecutors treated evidence in a criminal proceeding the way that mail-in ballots have been treated in these states, no one would ever be convicted of a crime in America. There’s no “chain of custody” to prove that the ballots suddenly pouring into these counting stations actually came from polling places where they were cast by voters.

At least five boroughs in Milwaukee are showing more votes cast than the number of registered voters in those areas. In Detroit, 200,000 votes for Joe Biden showed up in the dead of night. Zero votes for Trump, but 200,000 for Joe Biden. Right…

A US Postal Service whistleblower in Michigan has told Project Veritas that mail carriers have received illegal orders from their superiors. Any mail-in ballots that come late are being sequestered and then postmarked and back-dated to Election Day, so they’ll be counted as legitimate votes.


The Trump campaign and internet sleuths have discovered thousands of dead people who cast absentee ballots in Michigan and Pennsylvania. One person who voted in Pennsylvania was born in 1823!

In Nevada, the Trump campaign is suing because it has identified at least 10,000 ballots cast by people who don’t live in the state. And the list goes on and on.

All of this continues happening in states run by Democrats and which did not finish counting ballots on election night. And somehow, in every state that keeps counting, Joe Biden erodes and crushes Donald Trump’s victory?

Another sure sign that the Democrats are attempting to steal the election is that all of this supposed populist support for Joe Biden didn’t generate any significant victories down-ballot for the party. The Democrats lost a bunch of seats in the House. It looks like they’ll lose at least two more by the time California finishes counting its ballots sometime in December. The Senate remains in Republican control as well. So… how did that happen, if Joe Biden’s victory was authentic?

What this tells us is that the extra magic Biden ballots only materialized in blue districts where Representatives and Senators were safely ensconced. The fix is surely in.

Now, if only President Trump would concede the election “for the good of the country!” How would that be good for the country? Would it be better for America if Donald Trump lays down and allows a fraud to take over the White House – despite knowing he won the election?

The good news is that President Trump is President Trump. He never backs away from a fight. He also looks pretty calm as the days drag on, so we should dig in and prepare for a battle that’s going to take several weeks to win.

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