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Mentally Prepare Yourself Now for a 2020 Election Do-Over

If the 2020 election was truly a fair-and-square, clean-as-a-whistle contest, why are audits and hand recounts in swing states suddenly the greatest fear of the Democrat Party and its media apparatchiks? Recounts and audits shouldn’t be the least bit threatening to them, especially since Joe Biden won such a commanding victory over Donald Trump, right? It would simply prove to everyone that Biden legitimately won. But they don’t want that. The reality is that everyone should start preparing themselves for election do-overs in many of the swing states where obvious fraud took place.

This fight is only just beginning and we’re in the early stages of it. The first lawsuit challenging all of the Democrat fraud wasn’t filed until November 8th in Detroit. More lawsuits are going to be hitting all of the affected swing states this week, several of them from the Trump campaign, so it’s about to become action packed.

The first case that we know of is Costantino v. Detroit. You can read the full suit HERE.

It looks like a good one because there are multiple sworn affidavits from city employees in Detroit as well as GOP election observers who were kicked out of the convention center and prevented from lawfully observing the counting. Since the media, the Democrat Party and a bunch of dummies on Twitter are confused on the definition of the word “evidence,” sworn affidavits from living eyewitnesses who put themselves at risk of perjury if they’re lying are considered “evidence.” This suit has some teeth.

One city employee working on the election has sworn under oath that she was ordered to back-date ballots that arrived late. The suit also provides eyewitness testimony that ballots arrived in the middle of the night boxes that were not secured, sealed, official election boxes; that there was no chain of custody on those ballots (no one knows where they came from); and that these sketchy ballots were not in envelopes. To borrow a phrase from noted Democrat genius Adam Schiff, there is “more than circumstantial evidence” of massive voter fraud in Detroit, MI.


The Trump campaign will also file a lawsuit in Pennsylvania this week. Rudy Giuliani says the legal team is gathering affidavits from 60 to 70 eyewitnesses of direct fraud, most of which mirrored the problems in Detroit. In the meantime, the US Supreme Court is now officially enraged by Pennsylvania election officials.

Remember that split 4-4 Supreme Court decision that happened just a couple of days before the election? The high court refused to overturn a lower court PA decision that suddenly allowed Pennsylvania to accept mail in ballots up to three days after the deadline. However, the Supreme Court did give direct guidance to Pennsylvania on how it was supposed to handle these ballots.

Justice Samuel Alito wrote the guidance and instructed Pennsylvania very specifically to sequester late ballots, keep them separated from ballots that met the deadline, and count them separately. Pennsylvania election officials told all of their election workers that this was “not legally binding on them.” So, they took about 800,000 late ballots and defied the Supreme Court by counting those ballots with the on-time ones and threw all of the envelopes away (something a skeptic might refer to as “destroying evidence”).

Pennsylvania Democrats received a direct order from the Supreme Court and blatantly ignored it. “Not legally binding?” Hoo-boy! It’s known as a court order. So now, completely independent from the Trump campaign and as part of a different lawsuit that has not technically ended, Pennsylvania election officials may be looking at charges of Contempt of Court. And just a quick reminder: We no longer have a 4-4 court. It’s a 5-4 court. And 3 of the 5 constitutionalists were on the Bush legal team in Florida back in 2000.

Sweating yet, Joe and Kamala?

Pennsylvania officials took a direct action so outrageous that the Supreme Court could order the state to start over and hold a new election. (Federal courts have the ability to order new elections held in municipal, county, state or federal elections if fraud is suspected.) If Pennsylvania or any other swing state ends up holding a do-over election, guess what will happen? GOP poll watchers – people just like you and me who want a fair election – are going to flood into those states to observe the counting like hawks.

I know it’s tough to wait and believe me, I’m feeling the stress of this just like everyone else. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has raised a great point. America granted Al Gore 37 days to challenge the 2000 election (and there wasn’t even any fraud or “irregularities” in that one). No one should have any problem with taking at least that long out to sort out the 2020 election. Joe Biden is not the president-elect, because the 2020 election is far from over.

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