Sunday, November 29, 2020
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Look at These Pro-Trump Numbers; Plus, Why I’ll Be Watching CNN on Election Night

America is going through a historic political realignment right now. One of the major reasons why I’m highly confident about President Trump’s reelection is because I see this realignment happening for the Democrats right now, just as I saw it for the GOP years ago. Their party is sick and weak, and it must either die out completely or change. With that being said, I’m also confident about Trump’s reelection because the numbers so far are amazing.

A week ago I mentioned that Republicans were actually up in early voting in Florida. The RNC is still running Trump ads in Florida right now, but the Trump campaign itself has pulled out. There’s no need for the campaign to spend there, because Florida is in the bag. A panel on one of the squawking heads channels said yesterday that the Democrats need to get operatives into Florida right now to “stop the bleeding.”

How bad is it for the Democrats? Florida Republicans have a 500,000-vote lead in early voting. Most Republicans wait until Election Day to vote, so Trump’s lead in Florida is only going to get bigger. The Democrats are trailing in Miami-Dade County by about 22 points as of this writing. That hasn’t happened in decades. Trump won Florida by about 113,000 votes in 2016 and his lead today is almost five times that in early voting.

More: Minnesota and Illinois were the only two Midwest states that Trump did not win in 2016. Hillary barely won Minnesota. And this year, Democrats are (internally, not publicly) anticipating a Trump victory there. Breitbart News reports that Democrat groups are privately implementing a plan for Minnesota to not certify its election results on Tuesday night and then just instruct their Antifa troops to wreck the place in “protest.”

Even more: In Colorado, Democrats were leading Republicans by a wide margin a week ago – 30 points. Today, Democrats are only leading by 7.6 points in early voting (about 160,000 votes statewide). Republicans are catching up and excitement for Biden is dwindling by the minute as his corruption scandal grows.


Crazy more: People look at me cross-eyed when I try to explain this to them, but the Democrats are so terrible that OREGON is in play for President Trump this year. Yes – Deep Blue OREGON.

Oregon has been a mail-in voting state for decades. While we don’t know who has returned ballots so far (Oregon doesn’t release party stats early like Florida, Colorado and other states), we know that the number of ballots returned as of today is 17% lower than on the same day in 2016. That’s the whole election, folks!

Voter turnout is waaay down in Oregon. Do you think Trump supporters in Oregon are the ones who are so downtrodden that they’re skipping the election? Not a chance! Spoiler alert: I have a lot of family in the red half of Oregon. Like the rest of the country, they are even more amped to vote for Trump today than they were in 2016.

If voter turnout is taking a big hit in Oregon this year, it can mean only one thing: Democrat voters are punishing the Democrat Party by sitting this one out. A lot of us on the right did the same thing to the Republican Party in 2008 and 2012. The party was treating us like crap, so we withheld our votes until we had a candidate who would put Americans first (2016 yay!).

Out of all the states run by Democrats, Oregon was the one that treated its citizens the absolute worst in 2020. They let Antifa burn Portland for more than 100 nights straight, while keeping the economy locked down with draconian coronavirus measures. Democrats in Oregon are “voting” this year by withholding their vote in objection to the Democrat Party. They’re sending the same message to their party that we sent to ours: Reform or die, losers.

Something special is happening this year. We all feel it. Hillary won Oregon by 7 points in 2016. Voter turnout is down 17 points in Oregon right now. Trump could pick up states on Tuesday that no one was anticipating a few weeks ago, just because Democrat voters are so disgruntled with their terrible party. It’s not enough to just be “anti-Trump” – they need a leader to vote for. And Sleepy Joe ain’t it.

Finally, I think I’ll be watching CNN closely toward the end of Election Night. I already know that Rachel Maddow will be crying when Trump wins. Since I’ve already seen that show, I want to watch Jake Tapper cry this year when Trump finally breaks him. Tapper has been on edge ever since Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell was released, so I think he’s finally going to break when Trump rides to victory tomorrow night.

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