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Let Trump’s Glorious Season of Swamp Draining Begin

admin February 10, 2020 News Comments Off on Let Trump’s Glorious Season of Swamp Draining Begin

Heads are finally beginning to roll in the swamp. Late last week, suspected Ukrainian double agents Alexander Vindman and his tubby twin brother were fired and booted out of the White House and their cushy jobs at the National Security Council (NSC).

I hear the long-range radar station in Kotzebue, Alaska is looking for a couple of new security guards right now, if the president needs any suggestions for the Vindman brothers’ reassignment.

Ambassador Gordon Sondland, the dopey foreign service lifer who kept switching his obviously fake story in Adam Schiff’s impeachment farce, was fired as well. And the party is just getting started!

What else can they do to Trump at this point? The enemy is out of ammo, not that they were holding much firepower to begin with.

After the Russiagate hoax, the interminable Mueller investigation in which Robert Mueller never managed to encounter or hear about something called “Fusion GPS,” and Trump’s acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial, the gloves can finally come off. They tried to take him out in every way possible (an assassination attempt against Trump was foiled over the weekend), and each time, Trump emerged even stronger.

There’s nothing left to throw at him. The irony is that the Deep State could have simply sat there quietly and waited Trump out. They could have kept their mouths shut, knowing that every administration is term limited eventually. But no! They were so incensed by the idea of the American people taking back their own governance that they had to hatch multiple feeble hoaxes. They just had to lie and smear the president and his supporters.

Now you’ve done it, Deep State. Trump mad. Trump SMASH!

On Monday, 70 Obama holdovers were fired from the National Security Council and kicked out of the White House. Those might be the happiest words I’ve typed since… well, since the Democrat primary debacle in Iowa.


The media will now develop PMS about why our national security is suddenly in danger, but you should understand what Trump has actually done with this move. Obama “fundamentally transformed” the NSC into something it was never intended to be: a domestic spying agency to keep an eye on his political enemies and to protect his corrupt friends.

The NSC was formed during the Eisenhower administration with an original staff of 50. Its purpose was to assess threats from outside the USA during the Cold War. After Eisenhower, the NSC remained a small, effective Executive branch body for decades – often with a staff of less than 50. Then Bill Clinton doubled the NSC to 50 for no particular reason other than to create a bigger bureaucracy. After 9/11, the George W. Bush administration swelled the NSC to about 130 staffers.

When Obama came into power, he pulled one of his switcheroos. He and his creepy CIA Director John Brennan combined the National Security Council (which assesses outside threats) with the Homeland Security Council in 2009. These were two different bodies with different functions and purposes. Then Obama started calling the combined agency the National Security Staff. He added 70 spooks to the team and then changed the name back to the National Security Council, hoping that no one would notice that he had just created a domestic spying agency with the CIA that he would have right there in the White House.

Obama suddenly had his own secret police to begin spying on his political enemies. You can fill in a lot of the blanks from there (Carter Page, wiretapping Trump Tower, etc.).

Again, all 70 of the Obama holdovers got the axe on the Monday after Trump’s impeachment acquittal. Buh-Bye!

One final bit of news to pass along, although it’s more of a rumor at this point. QAnon has made his (their?) most direct prediction to date, by claiming that The Storm will begin within a matter of days. Up first are the expected arrests of Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe on criminal charges. We’ve heard these rumors before, but this is the first time that QAnon has made such a direct prediction. If that turns out to be true, the political landscape in DC could suddenly begin to get very interesting.

Meanwhile, keep up the firings, Mr. President! The American people have been waiting for justice. We’re tired of the two-track system in which people on our side go to prison and the Deep Staters blatantly ignore the law.

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