Sunday, November 29, 2020
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America Rising: It Was Never About Trump

After all these years, they still don’t get it. The fake news media does not understand the love that the American people have for Donald Trump. The low-testosterone wimps of Never Trump don’t understand it. Hollywood doesn’t understand it. Big Tech doesn’t have a clue. You’d think that after the way they got pummeled in 2016 that this shrinking pack of losers would look in the mirror for some self-reflection, to try to figure out why they’ve lost our respect – and why Trump has earned it. The main thing that the enemies of freedom in our midst don’t understand is that it has never been about Trump.

It’s about us! This pro-America movement is about you and me and our children and grandchildren.

The reason why “we the people” love Donald Trump so much is because he is one of the increasingly rare modern leaders who loves his own people enough to get the hell out of the way – and allow us to shine. The size of the federal government has shrunk under President Trump. When’s the last time that happened? Never?

Trump’s first mandate as president was that for every new regulation imposed by the federal government, two existing regulations must be cut. The tens of thousands of regulations – bearing the force of law over your business and your life – have been shrinking since day one. The result has been booming prosperity like America has never seen before, minus the COVID hiccup.

Trump understands that when the entrepreneurial engine of America is opened up and people are free to soar and pursue their dreams, we get to work doing that. We always have. Institutional DC gave up on giving us a fair shake decades ago. Trump has given it back to us! His Twitter feed and his savage sense of humor for his enemies is just the icing on the cake. It’s a lot more fun to laugh while succeeding than it is to scowl and *harrumph* and “Oh, well I never!” your way through every day.


We had amazing Trump rallies popping up all across the country. Trump doesn’t even have to be there for the rallies to take place. And yet the media still thinks this is about Trump?

I’ve been saying for years that President Donald J. Trump is simply the tip of the spear. He’s the figurehead of the America First movement. Trump has even said that himself, at many of his in-person rallies: “This movement is not about me. It’s about you!

Understand that as much fun as the past couple of weeks of the campaign have been, we have a difficult road ahead of us here in America. The Bernie Bros who have rejected the Democrat Party are not simply going to put their Antifa and BLM flags and bricks and explosives away just because an election has come and gone.

Kamala Harris has given a full-fledged endorsement of Marxism in one of her most recent official campaign videos. She praises “equality of outcomes” over equality of opportunity. We used to have a word for that: Communism. And it used to be so hated by the American people that any politician who praised communism out loud would be laughed out of office, no matter what party they belong to.

As if that was enough of a “big reveal” in the final days before the election, Kamala Harris was being introduced as “the next President of the United States” before all of her speeches. Basement Joe probably doesn’t even know this is happening.

The institutional rot in the education system in America is the root of this bizarre adoration of communism. Kids are indoctrinated from the first day of kindergarten until they receive their BA in Transgender Bolivian Pottery (at a cost of $150,000 in debt). Until we tear down that stinking, fetid corpse (public education) in America and rebuild it from the ground up, or enough parents pull their kids out to make the system collapse, we’re not going to get rid of the Kamala Harrises in our midst that want to destroy the USA.

In the meantime, take a moment to thank God today that this movement is underway. With or without Donald Trump, this America First movement will continue advancing. The enemies of the people will never understand that our love for Donald Trump is not about him – it’s about all of us, as a people! We love him because he is that rare historical leader who is willing to lay down his own crown and power for the benefit of his “tribe.” We love him because he loves the American people enough to believe in us and let us free from the chains of globalism and falsehoods.

The Good, the True and the Beautiful on our side. America’s enemies are on the side of lies and ugliness and a “Dark Winter.” We are awake to the danger, and most of us are now ready to charge into the fight, retake what is our rightful heritage, and re-plant the American flag where it belongs: In that shining city on the hill.

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