Monday, November 30, 2020
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A Modest List of Heads That Should Figuratively Roll on November 4th

When Donald Trump wins an epic, historic, hyuuuge Electoral College and popular vote victory on November 3 (which I firmly believe he will do with your help), he will have a powerful mandate at his disposal. Imagine how great America could have been by 2020, if only the #Resistance of the Deep State, the bureaucracy, and some of the country’s most powerful institutions had not been aligned against this president in his first term.

No worries. It’s time to press forward. When Trump wins, here is a modest list of heads that should roll (figuratively) starting immediately on November 4.

Attorney General Bill Barr

Where is this guy? It’s been more than two weeks since Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell” surfaced. We have a literal crook running for president and that laptop contains real, authenticated evidence that the Biden crime family sold America’s foreign policy in other countries, in order to line their own pockets. And yet the national media is hiding the story. ABC News and CNN have never mentioned Tony Bobulinski’s name. I’ll bet you know who he is.

Think of how much Bill Barr could change the narrative on that story. He wouldn’t even have to arrest anyone. Barr could simply hold a press conference and announce, “We’re looking very closely at the Biden laptop and we have a lot of questions. I’d like to encourage Joe and Hunter Biden to bring their lawyers and come answer those questions immediately. As in, before the election.” The media would finally be forced to cover the story.

But Bill Barr won’t even do that. We haven’t heard a peep out of him regarding the Laptop from Hell evidence. He’s twiddling his thumbs and running out the clock.


FBI Director Christopher Wray

If you think Bill Barr is a piece of work, get a load of the FBI Director. After the summer we just had, this idiot has gone before multiple congressional committees and claimed that “white supremacy” is the greatest national security threat of our time. He says that Antifa, meanwhile, is an “idea.” Trump can’t get rid of this guy fast enough.

All Non-Trump US Attorneys

There’s absolutely nothing controversial about a president firing US Attorneys and replacing them with his own people. Happens all the time. George HW Bush fired some of Reagan’s US Attorneys and replaced them with his people. Bill Clinton fired Bush Sr.’s US Attorneys, and Bush Jr. fired Clinton’s US Attorneys. Barack Obama fired all of George W. Bush’s US Attorneys. Good grief, US Attorneys are just lawyers. They get replaced all the time.

Trump was unable to fire the Southern District of New York’s US Attorney because that office continues to gin up fake investigations of his tax returns, Stormy Daniels, and other fake non-criminal nonsense. If Trump had fired that guy in his first term, it would have been used as another excuse to impeach him. But upon his reelection, it will be time to clean house.

And that includes “Bulldog” John Durham, the US Attorney who has spent years allegedly investigating the Russia hoax’s origins. Where is this guy, by the way? Anytime an investigation takes this long, it means the US Attorney isn’t planning going to arrest anyone. He’s just writing a really long report.

The Tech Twerps of Silicon Valley

The Google guy, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testified before Congress this week to lie about censorship of conservatives. Dorsey looked like he was getting ready to audition for the part of Hobo Rasputin in your child’s school play. These are supposed to be most powerful people in the world, who have a say over the free speech of Americans?

It’s now clear that Congress isn’t going to do anything to rein in Big Tech. They’ll just continue holding pointless hearings and sending out fundraising letters: “Did you see how tough I was with Hobo Rasputin in that committee hearing yesterday? And if you send me $20 right now, I’ll be able to ask Hobo Rasputin tough questions in the next hearing!”

The Trio of Tech Twerps obviously don’t take Congress seriously. The day after that committee hearing this week, Hobo Rasputin locked the Border Patrol out of their Twitter account. Twitter explained that CBP Director Mark Morgan was violating their hate speech policies by tweeting videos of the 400 miles of completed Trump Border Wall.

Trump will probably have to take some sort of executive action against the Tech Twerps, possibly through regulatory tweaks that will rein them in. That’s assuming that Nancy Pelosi retains control of the House. Trump might be able to rely on Congress against the Tech Twerps if Republicans take the House, because the new Speaker (Kevin McCarthy) won’t sit on his hands for two years like Paul Ryan did in 2017-2018.

That’s my modest list of people who should be presidentially de-platformed on November 4. Did I miss any of the big ones? Any names you’d like to add to that list?

And if it needs repeating, don’t forget to do your duty between now and November 3. Trump will do the heavy lifting for us once again after he’s reelected, but until then, the rest of us have a job to do at the ballot box.


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